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Anne-Leé Holmberg, Lead by Profession AB

”It is obvious to me that it’s possible to combine the soft human with the hard-focused results – to combine people and strategies. It is my driving force in my mission. ”

Today’s leadership is more about creating good conditions for human meetings and about the art of being able to develop in change. Today, she operates the consulting company Lead by Profession and, based on her thoughts about combining people and strategies, has created the leadership leadership Human leadership – as a lifestyle. The method assumes that it is possible to combine business-driven performance-focused activities with a human empathetic leadership.

Sometimes it’s a specific situation the customer has when we start a collaboration, sometimes more from an overall perspective. One business may face growing, another to develop existing skills, one third meets a situation where people have to leave their work. Whatever happens, there must be clear processes and ways of working to create a sense that everyone knows who does what, and when. Then everything becomes so much clearer and easier. When there is simplicity and clarity at work, employee involvement increases naturally, then it is easy to feel pride and satisfaction with the work.

Anne-Leé Holmberg is driven, sharp-minded and has deep insights into people’s potential. Her consultancy assignment is pervaded by an overall splash and often follows from the question: ”How can I achieve the best results, with both the business and the employee in focus?”

Areas of Expertise

An overall theme in the assignments is leadership development in connection with development and change work.

Some customers about Anne-Leé Holmberg

”For me, Anne-Leé Holmberg personalizes business leadership at its best.”

”Anne-Leé Holmberg made me become more concrete and clear in my dialogue.”

”She gives immediate and straightforward feedback, and with her ability to structure she gets early and good solutions.”

”Today I have taken steps that I probably had not taken without the help I received from Anne-Leé Holmberg.”

”She has a great ability to get into different situations and ask the right questions in a way that leads to further development.”

Professional Experience

2012 –  Lead By Profession AB

2010 – 2011    Independent Consultancy,

ALH Consult

2003 – 2010   Senior Consultant, Talent- & Career Management, Right Management

2010 – 2011    Independent Consultancy,

ALH Consult

2003 – 2010   Senior Consultant, Talent- & Career Management, Right Management

2000 – 2003   Management Consultant & Career coach, The Empower Group

1999 – 2000   Executive Recruitment Consultant, Manpower AB

1997 – 1999    Independent Consultancy,

ALH Consult

1992 – 1996    Consultant Manager, Teamwork AB/Manpower AB

1989 – 1991    Sales Manager, Teamwork AB

1982 – 1998   Biskopsuddens Marina, Saven AB, Åre Diplomat, Ladviks Kursgård, Österåkers kommun, Pressbyrån, Sandhamn Seglarhotell, Sandhamns Kiosk


Management training

The Human Element, UGL, Leadership on Systemic Foundation, TUFF Leadership Training, Continuous Coaching, Internal Human Resources, Sales Training, Labor Law.


Management Research Group, LEA 360 g, TMP, Hogan, Leadership Coaching, ICF, The Human Element, Beyond Conflict, Element B, SHL 360 g, OPQ, MQ

Ekonomy education